Welcome to Gogabo for Play Pros. This is the best place on the internet to list your kid friendly activities, to connect with local families and to build a strong community.  Together, families and play providers across the globe are connecting to ensure that youth (and the people who provide them with services) live a happy, playful and healthy life.

Our mission at Gogabo is to make it easy to play, to reduce stress around the management of play and become the ultimate matchmakers between play providers and families.

We have devoted countless hours of energy working with families and play providers to ensure that our platform is accessible, affordable and stress-free. By providing our clients with the highest quality of services, information and support, we dream of truly making it easy to play. 

Key Features for Gogabo Play Pros

  1. Our platform provides direct payment to the vendor banking account. This means that none of your money is held by Gogabo.
  2. Gogabos’ online marketplace makes it easy to add, remove and update activitiesIntegrated messaging platform to communicate with clients
  3. We have a state of the art online booking system designed to accommodate different types of activities.
  4. All PLAY PROS will receive sales reporting, tax-ready invoices and free promotion on Gogabo social media platforms.

Why Become a Play Pro on Gogabo?

Becoming a Play Provider at Gogabo can transform your business and your life. Get ready to fully integrate your business into an vast online community of clients eager to learn from you. Earn extra money by sharing your services with a new clientele.


By joining Gogabo your business will be featured on our platform and gain exposure to our extensive client base. Link to your social media platforms or your website, all free of charge!


Whether or not you already have an e-booking platform for your services, we have you covered. Your clients (new and old) can access your programs available, schedule directly and pay online. We do all the legwork for you so that you can do what you are best at – making our kids smile.


With our secure payment process we guarantee payment in your account 72 hours after the booking has been completed. No fuss. No hassle. Just payment.


Worried about tax reporting? We got you covered. Gogabo provides extensive reporting on your services rendered, payments received and taxes charged so that you can provide our receipt to your accounting at year end with ease and satisfaction.


Gogabo is more than just an online marketplace. It is a new form of community designed to connect users to service providers and facilitate long term relationships. In a world that is rapidly moving online,

Gogabo is your step into the virtual door.