Blogs are a great source of insight. From healthy recipes to ideas for how to keep your kids entertained, mom bloggers are the perfect source of information for parents, new and experienced alike.

In Ottawa, we’re lucky to have so many fantastic moms bloggers documenting their journeys for us to learn and share from – and here are a few favourites from us at Gogabo.



Julie of MITK provides tips, advice, and often TV segments for local broadcast with “information and advice for leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle”. With a background in the communications field and high involvement in her local community, Julie’s site is full of informative blog posts, resources, and videos.

Get to know more about Julie HERE.


Postcards from the Mothership

Dani has been blogging about her experience as the mother of three boys and a freelance photographer since 2005. Based in Manotick, she’s a go-to source to find updates on local events – and her posts, filled with tips and her amazing photography, are up almost daily!

For more on Dani, read HERE.


A Little Bit of Momsense

A self-described “little bit of everything” blog, A Little Bit of Momsense was founded by Rebecca to share her experience as a stay at home mom through stories of parenting, crafts, cooking with her kids, family travel, and her love for Ottawa.

From local shopping to the best places for a family fun day, you can read Rebecca’s suggestions HERE.


Kids in the Capital

While its not owned exclusively by one blogger, Kids in the Capital is a massive resource for local activities. Managed on a daily basis by Misty Pratt, Tracy Noble, and Lara Wellman, Kids in the Capital curates content from several contributors, “written BY parents FOR parents from a first hand perspective.” If you’re looking for book recommendations from the Ottawa Public Library, how to start your own compost, or even ideas for where to plan your Mother’s Day brunch right here in Ottawa, look no further!

Read more HERE.


Planning ways to play with your family doesn’t have to be stressful anymore with these fun spring ideas. For more options and quick ways manage your kids schedules, check out all of Gogabo’s family-friendly activities in your city today!


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