The sun is out, the warm weather has finally arrived and now is the time to get outside and breathe in the coming glory of summer! Ottawa is filled with life and laughter wherever you look. Take your child outside in the fresh spring air and let them witness the positive energy surrounding the city.

With the arrival of spring comes one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year: Ottawa’s Annual Tulip Festival. In our opinion, this year’s festival is more colorful and beautiful than ever!
The Tulip Festival is taking place in various locations throughout the city this year. These include: Lansdowne Park, Commissioners Park at Dow’s Lake and the Garden Promenade. It’s a wonderful and delightful celebration of tulip art, culture, heritage, and friendship.


What’s the true background behind the breathtaking scenery?

The Tulip Festival is truly a celebration. Tulips represent a symbol for friendship and the reason millions of them are distributed in Ottawa every year, dates back to World War II. The generous gesture of giving tulips can be traced back to the Dutch royal family. The family sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa in 1945, to show their immense gratitude for Canadians taking care of the future Queen Juliana and her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during the war. After Juliana gave birth to her daughter Margriet, she sent another 20,500 bulbs to Canada’s capital. Many years later, the Tulip Festival now showcases over one million tulips and offers entertainment for the entire family.


What is there to do?

Commissioners Park becomes the home of many activities during the festival. These include special events, biking and walking tours, art showcases, as well as a tulip boutique and a tulip legacy place exhibiting the astonishing history of the tulips. However, the best part is yet to come: on the 20th of May, there will be spectacular fireworks!

Lansdowne Park transforms its signature building, the Aberdeen Pavilion, into a beautiful tulip exhibition, showcasing photography, art, displays, artist workshops, children’s activities and offering entertainment on the Tulip Stage.

Garden Promenade not only offers a beautiful and peaceful environment with an alluring view of Parliament, but also offers self-guided or guided bus tours, as well as bike and walking tours through the 40 stunning gardens and parks. Bring your camera and maybe you’ll be just in time for a yoga class in the tulips!


Haven’t gone and checked it out yet?

What are you waiting for? Grab your entire family and head to the Tulip Festival before it ends on the 21st of May. It’s a blast for the entire household and can be educational along with being fun!


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