How to Pack Your Child’s Backpack for Camp


Summer has just started and now it’s time to change up the way you pack your child’s bag from school to day-camp. It can be tough to know exactly what to pack for your little ones, but we’re here to help! Here are some top tips to pack your child’s backpack just right for their amazing days at summer camp:


The Backpack

Make sure the backpack is durable and the right size for your child. You want it to be in good shape so it will hold all the belongings without anything falling out, and it needs to be easy to carry. Often, kids get sent with backpacks that are way too large, which end up hanging too low and making them awkward to walk with. You know your kids will be walking a lot to all their fun activities, so make sure their bag is a comfortable fit!



At most camps, kids will need a pair of running shoes as well as a pair of sandals for water activities. The best way is to send your kid with running shoes already on their feet, as they take up the most room, then send the small pair of sandals within the bag. Don’t forget a hat! Hats are very important for day-camps as they protect your child’s face when doing activities outside. If you have extra space, pack a spare change of clothes. Kids are very messy and can sometimes have accidents where they will want to change.



With the summer we’re having here in Ottawa, the next important thing on the list should be sunscreen! Sunscreen is especially important for day-camp because kids are constantly outside underneath the blazing hot sun. Don’t forget that when kids are sweating and swimming (which they will do at day-camp) their sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 40-60 minutes. Therefore, having sunscreen right in each child’s bag helps protect your children all throughout the day.


Swim Gear

Can’t forget the swim gear! Most camps include some sort of swimming activities for the children to be active and have some diversity in their day. In terms of packing for that, make sure you send the kids with a swimsuit, goggles, a towel, and a plastic bag. The plastic bag is super important, that way your kids won’t come home with a soaking wet backpack from their drenched swimsuit.



Always check with the camp supervisor or counsellor to make sure you know the allergy restrictions for lunches. Many kids are allergic to some kind of nuts, so it is safe to stay away from food that contains nuts (most importantly peanuts). Also make sure you are packing your child’s lunch knowing they may be eating on a floor or outside and might not have access to a table, plates or utensils. Do not forget to pack your child with a durable refillable water bottle. During the hot summer days, your child will need lots of water to stay hydrated.


Finally: Label Label Label!

Make sure to label all of your child’s belongings as items can get mixed up very easily at camp. Children will often forget their belongings, or leave them in different places, so labelling each item insures it will get returned to you if lost!


Now that you are all set to pack your child’s bag, you’ll need some great camps to sign your kids up for! Don’t know where to look? Check out our summer camp listings on Gogabo!

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