Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to keep a kid away from a tablet or smartphone. Parents are told to limit their children’s screen time, but that’s easier said than done when technology is always within reach! You can’t always pry your kid away from a screen, but you can ensure that the screen time they get is quality. How can that be done? Use your electronics to further your child’s education! Here are some fun and educational learning apps for children to stimulate your youngster’s mind outside the classroom:


1) Baby’s Musical Hands (Ages Birth+):

Learning starts from birth, so don’t miss an opportunity to broaden your baby’s horizons! This app turns your phone into a musical instrument with brightly colored squares that play different musical notes when pressed.


2) Elmo Loves ABCs (Ages 2-6):

Learn to read with the help of a familiar face: Elmo! This popular app with different difficulty levels teaches reading comprehension skills, and interactive videos keep kids entertained. Over 80 classic Sesame Street clips, 75 coloring pages and fun games are included.


3) Kids Academy (Ages 2-6):

This free learn-through-play program helps prepare your child for success in preschool and beyond. Explore hundreds of interactive games, videos and hands-on activities geared toward improving math, writing, phonics and reading ability.


4) KidECook (Ages 5+):

Have an amateur chef on your hands? This app encourages an interest in cooking, while also teaching counting, weights and measurements, sequencing, concentration and independence. Your child can make recipes in a virtual kitchen and then use what they learn to cook with you at home!


5) How it Works? (Ages 6-8):

Why is the sky blue? How do plants grow? Pique your child’s curiosity with this this animated app that helps kids understand their world with simple experiments, fun games and engaging graphics.


6) A Story Before Bed (Ages 2-10):

This read-along storytelling app was designed by educators to help kids of all ages develop literacy skills. Young readers can listen to stories (narrated by “Uncle Berny”), learn new vocabulary words and record themselves reading the books.


The best part about many of these learning apps? They encourage kids to use the tools they learned and apply them off-screen! If you’re looking for other interactive activities to engage your kids, check out Gogabo’s list of play options available in your community. Did we mention you can discover, schedule and pay for all your child’s activities in one place? Don’t miss out—start playing today!

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