Do the holidays have you strapped for cash this season? No worries! Many of the most memorable activities you can do as a family cost absolutely nothing. Here are just a few of the best kid activities for active families on a budget: 


1) Hiking

Many parks and preserves are cheap (or free) to explore. Find some local trails to hike and help foster you kid’s love of nature! 


2) Family board game night

Designate one special night in the week to play some fun board games as a family. If you don’t have any board games, get some drawing paper and do a few rounds of mock-Pictionary. 


3) Playgrounds

Many cities offer free or low-cost indoor and outdoor playgrounds or play gyms. Invite your kid’s friends and make it a playdate for even more fun! 


4) Geocaching 

Geocaching is similar to a scavenger hunt—you follow clues to find a hidden container, sign in and collect stamps from different geocaches. Simply purchase a blank journal and stamp, and then explore new areas of your city.


5) Cooking or Baking

Tasting and preparing food is proven to create strong “food memories” associated with family and security. Create your own lasting memories by having your kid help you with a special meal or baking some sugary treats. 


6) Painting 

Kids love to paint! Let your kids get messy with finger paints, watercolors or acrylics.  


7) Shadow puppets 

It’s simple, but provides endless fun: Play with shadows by using a flashlight in the dark! Use your hands or cut-out cardboard figures taped to sticks to create fun shadow shapes. 


8) Putting on a play

A play is a great way to explore your child’s creative side by getting them to make a set, costumes and props out of things they can find around the house. Invite friends or relatives and create “official” program bulletins to make it even more special! 


9) Visiting a library 

Libraries offer fun, free (or low-cost) activities for kids of all ages. And, kids can pick out their own books to bring home and read for free! 


10) Volunteering 

Sign your family up for an activity that will give back to the community. Volunteer at a shelter, visit a nursing home or clean up trash in your city. 


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