Need a little help coming up with creative ideas to keep the little ones entertained on a rainy day? Here are 5 quirky, messy, and inventive DIY crafts that will keep your little ones dazzled for hours. While it might be hard to think of the rainy days while we have this beautiful summer approaching us, it’s always good to have these ideas in your back pocket. You never know when you might need them!


Recycled Cork Boats

Using a few simple materials that can be easily found around the house, you can turn simple, old corks, into floating boats. You can get as creative as you want, and what better way to have your little ones entertained for hours than with boat races. You can find step by step instructions here. Your end result should look something like this!


Tornado in a Jar

We’re always trying to sneak little nuggets of information into the minds that are still growing, so what better way to do so than to combine a fun activity with a quick and easy science lesson. Using an old glass jar, some white vinegar, water, and some liquid soap, you are sure to pass on a few tornado facts. Here is quick little video tutorial explaining how you can turn your kitchen into a science lab, minus the mess of course!


Colourful Cloud Dough

If you want a more hands-on craft, along with an easy clean up, we’ve got you covered. Try making cloud dough with colour. By combining a simple recipe of cloud dough to powder food colouring, you are sure to elevate the simple joy that is cloud dough, while challenging your child’s creativity. The possibilities are endless, and this is bound to keep them focused on their imagination rather than the gloomy rain. Check out this quick picture tutorial on how to make colourful cloud dough.



Playing off the theme of creativity and imagination, have your youngster make slime. It’s on trend, it’ll give them something cool to talk about in school the next day, and best of all its super easy to make. Be sure to check out these different recipes on how to make different kinds of slime, including, yes, scented slime!


Spin Art with Old Salad Spinners

Last but not least, take an innovative approach to spin art. Revolving art disks can be expensive and hard to come by, so why not turn your old salad spinner into one! Using some washable paint, and some plain white paper, you can ensure the mess is contained, and allow your little one to be as creative as can be. Watch these salad spinners in action here.


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