Even with bits of snow here and there, its safe to say that spring is finally here in Ottawa. With the emergence of warmer weather, its finally time to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of “did I put on enough layers?”.


Even better, spring makes for a great occasion to re-introduce nature outings and outdoor exercise as a family activity, now that we’re done bundling up indoors. While a workout at the gym is probably not ideal for a family initiative, here are some quick tips and ideas to head outside and get in the exercise you need, right here in Ottawa.


1) Organize an activity-based scavenger hunt

We’re lucky to live close to amazing parks here in the Ottawa area, notably Gatineau Park. Why not take advantage and organize an outdoor scavenger hunt, and create fun clipboards with lists to check off when your kids spot an item. Hands-on learning is key here, and you can tailor a list to your environment – everything from certain types of birds and flowers to outdoor monuments.

A fun example of a Nature-based walk for beginners.


2) Enjoy NOKIA’s Sunday Bikeday

From May 20th to September 2nd, enjoy car-free roads in Canada’s Capital Region. Every Sunday, 9am to 1pm, cyclists, in-line skaters, runners and pedestrians are given exclusive access to a variety of pathways – making them a safe, environmentally friendly, activity for the whole family at any fitness level.


Early bird looking to rope in your family for the fun? Gatineau Park has three parkways open on the same Sundays from 6am to 11am, and a separate section from 6am to 1pm (which, in their words, is ideal for families with young children).


For a full list of the parkways and other info, you can visit the official page HERE.


 3) Camp Fortune’s Aerial Experience

The Aerial Experience is an exciting outing for families to get a dose of the adventure they’re missing, and they even have a Children’s Park! While being accompanied by one of the staff, kids are able to enjoy a safe, personalized, and active experience including suspended walkways, monkey bridges, suspended stirrups and mini zip-lines.


Reservations are required! For more information, check out their website HERE.


4) Celebrate Earth Day

Not only is April 22nd an important day for our environment, it’s a great occasion to get the family together and have learning-based discussions about what we can do to treat our planet better. Aside from putting together fun lessons (and making sure you and your family walk, cycle, bus, or carpool to any destinations for the day) you can come together for great activities like planting different types of flowers or plants in your backyard or building and decorating birdfeeders.


Kids planting a tree in support of Earth Day.


5) Geocaching in the City

Who doesn’t love treasure hunting? Geochaches are hidden all over the world, and participating in geocaching is like becoming an international treasure hunter. What better way to get outside?


While this spring activity requires a little more education on the parents’ part (you’d have to download an app with free basic membership and educate yourself on it a little more before you’re ready to go), it can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience for the whole family.


Read a great step-by-step article by Kids in the Capital on how to get started on the fun HERE.



Planning ways to play with your family doesn’t have to be stressful anymore with these fun spring ideas. For more options and quick ways manage your kids schedules, check out all of Gogabo’s family-friendly activities in your city today!


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