13 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids


Just because playgrounds and parks are covered in snow doesn’t mean outdoor fun has to end! Check out these creative cold-weather and snow play ideas to keep your kids entertained this winter:


1) Build a snowman:  

Roll and decorate a snowman using household items (or a snowman decorating kit from online).


2) Have a snowball fight:

Roll some snow balls and watch the snow fly!


3) Go sledding:

Find a local sledding hill with other kids, or simply sled down your backyard.


4) Ice skate:

Use a scenic outdoor skating rink to swirl and twirl on skates.


5) Decorate a tree for birds:

Leave some goodies for your bird friends by hanging apples and popcorn strings.


6) Take a nature walk:

Point out winter nature items on a walk and collect them to glue into a nature book.


7) Conduct a scavenger hunt:

Make a list of winter items found in nature, and then collect them into a basket.


8) Play outdoor Tic Tac Toe:

Make a grid in the snow and use sticks and pine cones to mark spaces.


9) Find the flag:

Hide flags or other items like balls, rings or glow sticks in the snow for your kids to discover.


10) Spray a masterpiece:

Fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring to draw colorful art in snow!


11) Freeze wintery ice balls:

Freeze “wintery” nature items, such as pine cones or leaves, into ice and hang or place outside your home.


12) Search for snowflakes:

Put snow on top of a dark piece of paper and look at it through a magnifying glass (Bonus: Try to find “matching” snowflakes — it’s impossible!).


13) Hit the slopes:

If your kid is big enough, don’t forget to try out those winter classics — skiing or snowboarding!


The ideas are endless! Check out Gogabo’s other play options for ways to help your child burn off extra energy once the weather turns cold.


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