13 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Are the frigid winter temperatures driving you indoors (and making you stir-crazy in the process)? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep you and your little ones busy and beat your cold-weather doldrums. Here are just a few fun and easy ideas for indoor play that will help your kids develop their fine and gross motor skills:


1) Activity dice

Create a dice from leftover cardboard or a square block and label it with physical activities (i.e., spin in a circle, stomp or jump). Then, just roll the dice for hours of fun!


2) Edible sandbox

Fill a bin or tray with edible items leftover in your pantry such as dried oats, broken cookies and dried fruit. Then, have your kids explore (and eat) to find buried treasures.


3) Sensory bin

Similar to the sandbox, fill a bin or tray with items of different shapes and textures (i.e., dried pasta, balls, plastic lids). Give your kid a measuring cup or scoop and watch them have fun sensory play.


4) Cardboard spaceship

Recycle an old cardboard box by turning it into a car or spaceship. Decorate it with crayons or markers and then drag it around to move it.


5) Water painting

If you hate the mess of painting, try painting with water. Simply color in a chalkboard with chalk, and then use a paintbrush dipped in water to draw shapes.


6) Paper plate ring toss

Cut holes in the center of some paper plates. Have fun tossing the “rings” onto vertical stands (such as a stick taped onto another plate).


7) Scavenger hunt

Make a list of different items to find throughout the house, like “find something blue” or “find something fuzzy and round.” Your kids will have loads of fun finding otherwise ordinary objects in their home.


8) Obstacle course

Create an obstacle course from objects around the house and then have your child complete the course. For example, they could walk on pillows or have to crawl under string.


9) Bottle bowling

Use leftover plastic bottles (or even baby bottles) as “pins” and balls as “bowling balls.” Then, see how many your kid can knock over!


10) Tongs pick up

Use small kitchen tongs to pick up blocks or balls and put them into another container. This is a great way for a child to practice fine motor skills while having fun.


11) Egg carton sorting

Fill a container with items of different sizes and shapes. Then, have your child sort similar objects into different pockets of an egg carton.


12) Water table

Does your kid love baths? Fill a bin with water and water toys, like foam letters and measuring cups and voila!


13) Blanket fort

This is a classic—and simple—idea for indoor fun. Use blankets and other objects over tables to create a fun blanket fort, igloo, or castle!


For more ideas on indoor activities kids can enjoy, check out Gogabo’s list of kid-friendly play options in your area. No fear: Spring is just around the corner!

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